TODAY (Tuesday) I had occasion to visit Weymouth Beach area and I want to say how utterly ridiculous the current traffic situation is along the seafront in Weymouth at present, as a result of closing general vehicle access alongside the harbour.

It took me nearly an hour to drive from the clock, along the seafront and round Alexander Gardens to the car park at the rear of the Hotel Rex. I later had to suffer the same nausea when I left the car park to drive back up to the clock.

I will not take the above route again, until the ‘normal’ vehicle access is back in place.

Aside of the inconvenience to residents, I am sure holidaymakers and day visitors will regret coming to Weymouth this year and business owners will suffer as a consequence.

I also wonder how emergency vehicles are meant to negotiate the chaotic situation and what that could mean for somebody requiring urgent medical treatment.

I would guess that whoever agreed the change does not have to drive in the affected area and has no care about the damage their decision will cause for Weymouth tourism – now and in the future.

I don’t know if a petition exists to object to the above arrangement but if there is, I would like to know about it and would certainly sign it.

Vivienne Kelly