Regarding the letter from Cindy Read (8 Sept), I too use the same bus as her to travel into Dorchester and will find it inconvenient not to be able to use the services that carry the schoolchildren.

In fairness to the decision made by Dorset Council, buses now carry fewer passengers due to the social distancing measures and maybe the only alternative would have been to provide a second bus, if practicable, which would entail either a Council Tax increase or reduction of other council services.

We have recently seen a sharp increase in Covid 19 infections, particularly amongst the younger members of society.

Do the elderly, who are more at risk of serious illness from the virus, really want to be mixing too closely with others on public transport and putting themselves at risk?

I know how difficult it will be for the elderly who rely on public transport but at least will still have a service and need to adapt.

The majority of children have had no classroom based learning for six months and getting them back to school must be a priority.

Peter Scaife