I was very interested to read the Echo article last week regarding NHS staff boost.

It is amazing to read that there is a huge increase in the recruitment of doctors and nurses in the Dorset area compared to a year ago.

Last year the people of Portland campaigned long and hard to keep Portland Hospital from closing.

We had many meetings over the months with Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust who repeatedly told us the beds at the hospital had to close due to reduced staff numbers and the inability to recruit more.

My husband and I along with others managed to gain over 5,000 signatures to prove to the Trust that people on Portland were passionate about keeping the hospital.

We spoke to many people, including nurses and staff who felt strongly that it was essential to keep the beds at the hospital.

We were repeatedly told that the only reason there was a staffing problem was because the powers that be had told staff to look elsewhere for jobs as the hospital was due to be closed in the near future.

I spoke to nurses who live on Portland and others who had moved here who would love to work on the Island.

Now is the time to bring the beds back to Portland and other community hospitals.

They are vital to the rehabilitation of patients especially the elderly in our communities. Loved ones can visit easily and can often help in the patients’ recovery.

Local beds also play a very important role in end of life care. I, along with many others, live in hope that common sense will prevail.

Joanna Dolbear

Foundry Close