Five ex Prime Minsters can’t all be wrong! Their condemnation of this Government’s crazy legislation which will blow the EU Treaty which the UK has already signed, out of the English Channel, whatever the prevailing winds !

The rule of international law should be inviolate, as substantive as Portland Stone - not something to be toyed with like a rubber duck in a weekend bubble bath!

The four year Brexit process has been chaotic. Here we are as a country trying to secure our future as a trading nation, frittering away a momentous opportunity to make a meaningful deal with our European neighbours on the basis of a questionable insurance policy for Northern Ireland’s borders.

Is there nobody in this Government who isn’t worried about breaking good faith with future trading partners?

Whichever way you voted in the EU Referendum it is surely self apparently obvious of the enlightened self interest of making a strong deal with Europe on jobs, security, crime and the higher education Erasmus agreement for young people. Boris Johnson is singularly failing Britain on this issue. David Frost and the British media should spend less time demanding ‘realism’ from the EU and more time reassuring the European Commission that the British people want to resolve the outstanding issues. That we recognise our common future and culture.

Richard Denton-White

Mill Lane