Do you remember Dorset's biggest lockdown moments?

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared we were going into lockdown for three weeks from March, 23, who knew what life had in store for us all.

Six months on, we’ve taken a look back at some of Dorset's biggest, strangest and down-right outrageous moments:

1. How could anyone forget the outrageous tomb stoning off Durdle Door?

At the end of May a critical incident was declared after four people jumped off Durdle Door. 

Thousands of visitors were ordered off the packed beach whilst two rescue helicopters and the ambulance service attended the scene. 

Less than one month later BCP Council declared a major incident in Bournemouth after thousands of tourists flocked to the beaches. 

2. The #DCHLockdownChallenge

Dorset Echo:

With hundreds of viral challenges throughout lockdown, from toilet roll keepie-uppies to TikTok dances, one of the most wholsome of all was the #DCHLockdownChallenge.

More than £28,000 was raised in 10 days for an appeal that was backed by the Dorset Echo. 

Raising funds for our incredible NHS, the challenge aimed to encourage the community to fundraise at home. 

The money is being used to support the wellbeing of staff and vulnerable patients at DCH.

3. This almighty Clap for our Carers

Dorset Echo:

Clap for our carers ran for 10 weeks during the height of lockdown and saw us all stand outside our homes or clap out the windows on Thursdays at 8pm.

But in April Dorset County Hospital were treated to a convoy by members of the haulage, recovery and farming communities.

The touching tribute came from a range of local businesses including ride Valley Recovery, Ashley Wood Recovery, Philip Trim Contractors and G Crook & Sons. 

4. The bundles of joy that made our days brighter

Dorset Echo:

Amid the misery of the pandemic and the potential loneliness of lockdown, the news stories that made many of us smile were the tales of babies born during the pandemic.

When times were tough and it seemed that we were stuck in a dystopian world, there was nothing quite like seeing fresh new life blooming.

Although the gorgeous bundles of joy could not be shown off in the ‘normal’ way to friends and family, the county enjoyed seeing the charming newborns across The Echo.

5. Things getting slightly out of hand because of a shortage of toilet roll

Dorset Echo:

As toilet-roll-gate gripped Britain at the start of lockdown, people were struggling to get their hands on the vital daily necessity.

Supermarkets across the nation warned they were running out of toilet paper and we were sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see if we’d run out for good.

Amid the potential chaos, Shaftesbury Town Council were forced to close their public toilets due to a loo roll shortage. 

Have we missed your favourite lockdown moment? Let us know in the comments.