IN Mr. Tempest`s interesting letter(Dorset Echo, Wednesday October 7th) when questioning my figures, he writes of Professor Ferguson`s given premise.

Therein lies the major part of the problem vis a vis Covid.

It has been claimed by the government that it is, `following the science`; there is no science to follow.

Ferguson`s premise is an argument, a theory. His computer modelling likewise.

Whitty and Vallance should have been taken to task for presenting alarming predictions.

Those in government repeatedly broadcasting such alarm deserve a fate worse than death.

It is no job of government to sow such alarm.

The fear conjured up in those of the population without the wit to realise they`ve been duped, has been deliberate and the worse for that. Finding a way to salvation, as Mr. Tempest puts it, is not where we are at.

The information is out there.

We need only to accept that the panic and fear engendered by the government is un-necessary.

Waiting for the `vaccine of deliverance` is pointless and foolish.

Let us rather carry on as so often before.

People die, we all take daily risks.

Let us regain life as it should be, not merely existing as at present.

Ron Hill