I THINK it about time that Messrs Tempest and Hill should accept that they have deeply divided opinions about the construal of published Covid-19 data, and stop trying to persuade each other that they are right.

Everybody is affected by this virus in one way or the other. We all resolve, recognise and understand the impact of Covid-19 in our own unique way, which will inevitable determine our own personal battles, decisions and direction that we take.

How we view the world around us is a very personal thing, open to grown-up debate of course, but not a needled argument.

I note at the end of Mr Tempest’s latest letter (‘What price to pay’ October 15) that he poses a challenge for Ron Hill by inviting him to provide a related Covid-19 piece of data. I believe that this request is made in the sure knowledge that Ron Hill is in no position to provide the data requested with any degree of certainty. In fact, nobody can, the best anybody can provide is to make a prediction, which is open to further scrutiny.

Peter Jarvis

Woodward Place