AS USUAL, councillors are not in tune with the public's requirements when

it comes to criticising the proposed Weymouth Travel Hub. I doubt thatmany councillors ever use a bus and the fact is that the vast majority of bus passengers wish to go to the seafront or town centre, with only a minority requiring the train station.

Councillor Winter cites Bournemouth as a good example but in that town, the Travel Interchange (to give it its official name) is over a mile from the seafront and town centre, which is where most bus passengers need to go.

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I do agree that in an ideal world, a Transport Interchange is a good idea, but it is no use providing one just for the sake of it if most people don't make use of it. Weymouth's traffic system does not help as buses coming across Swannery Bridge cannot use King Street (to call at the train station), because they are unable to turn right when they reach the Esplanade.

One thing that could be improved is for National Express coaches to use the proposed Travel Hub, as at present, they stop on the Esplanade in the middle of nowhere, with no facilities.

David Chalk

Commercial Road