AN ACCOMPLISHED composer and pianist from Weymouth is releasing a new album of modern classical music.

Tamara Konstantin is a talented romantic pianist and composer who is releasing her much anticipated new album Resilience in November.

The classically trained pianist from Weymouth, grew up in Georgia, and has built successful careers first as a TV presenter and then a senior oil company executive before moving to Dorset and returning to music.

Her love of music returned to the fore when she complained to her husband about a modern atonal piece of music to which they had both listened to at a concert. Her husband challenged her to write something better and an intense period of creativity followed.

Tamara has now produced a new body of work combining original compositions of crafted melodies that showcase her pianistic technique and ability to speak through music.

Produced during a time of great global crisis, Tamara's new album Resilience reflects the pain of lockdown and is personal message of love, hope and affection to the people and places closest to Tamara’s heart; several pieces evoke the anxiety and isolation caused by the Covid-19 epidemic and the heartache of not being able to see her son and his family. There are compositions that cleverly translate into music the beauty of her beloved home county of Dorset and the natural beauty of places further afield including reference to her native land of Georgia.

Tamara said: “The melody and plaintive mood in this new work portrays lived experience, of loss, anxiety and isolation, reflection and strength, drawn from the trials of living through the pandemic. I have tried to evoke feelings that most of us will recognise including a sense of loss and heartbreak juxtaposed with the empowerment of love, hope, family and community.”

Tamara's first single from the album 'Elixir of Life' will be available from October 5, with the whole album set to release on November 5.

Elixir Of Life is available for private streaming here: