MY HEART warmed reading the article about the Billy Chip scheme being launched at The Marlboro fish and chip shop in Weymouth.

It’s a tough time for the high street businesses as it is and so it’s wonderful to know that despite this some are able to extent support to the homeless.

Whilst I think it’s great that supermarkets provide food parcels made up from the kind public donations I often worry that people who genuinely have a need won’t take them because the bags are in full view.

I say this only because a few weeks ago whilst in a supermarket I overheard a lady telling her friend that she was too embarrassed to take a bag even though she could do with one because she might get seen by someone who knew her.

A more discreet place for these food bags to be made available would be, if logistically possible, at the click and collect locations of the supermarkets.

Of course, the real  issue here is that no-one should ever be ashamed because they need food instead, it’s the government who should be ashamed for allowing people to go hungry whilst it’s enjoying party time at number 10! 

Julia Squibb
Moorside Close