A MAN has told a court that he felt 'sick and disgusted with myself' after allegedly being sexually assaulted at a sleepover.

He told a jury the effects have been 'eating away' at him and 'ruined relationships'.

John Morrison, 29, is on trial for historic child sex abuse charges dating back to when he was a child. 

The proceedings began yesterday at Bournemouth Crown Court where Morrison denied seven charges: four counts of engaging in non-penetrative sexual activity with a boy, and three counts of engaging in penetrative sexual activity with a boy.

The offences are alleged to have taken place on Portland between September 4, 2007 and April 2, 2010.

Morrison, now of Crawriggs Avenue, Kirkintilloch, Scotland, would have been aged 13 at the start and 15 at the end of the alleged offence range.

Today's proceedings heard a recording of a conversation between two of Morrison's alleged victims - both now men and who cannot be named for legal reasons.

One man, who had told the court yesterday that he woke to find Morrison performing sexual acts on him while he slept aged 14, said the ordeal is 'still haunting me today'.

"I kept it a secret for 10 years and I was really bad, like suicidal," he added. "I would like justice and him to be punished. It has ended up crippling me. 

"As far as he was concerned I was drunk, asleep, I could not move, I just froze.

"I'm at a point in my life where I just need closure; I have had it buried for so long."

The other man, who has accused Morrison of penetrating him while he slept, said: "I was asleep and drunk and he put it in [me]. I froze for a little bit.

"I hate thinking about it. It made me feel sick and disgusted with myself."

One of the men was in court today to give evidence in the witness box.

Defending, Laura Deuxberry said that Morrison had a girlfriend at the time of the alleged offences and would regularly sleep with her during sleepovers.

She suggested that 'none of that happened' in terms of the allegations and that the boys could have alerted someone to the reported incident sooner but chose not to.

She also said that the boy passed Morrison on the stairs the following morning on his way back to the room.

"If that had happened to you, you would not have wanted to go back to that room," Ms Deuxberry said.

The defence accused the man of 'hatching a plan to get Morrison in trouble' after recording the conversation between himself and the other alleged victim.

"You have wanted to make Mr Morrison's situation as bad as possible and you want him punished," Ms Deuxberry added, claiming this stemmed from a 'strong hatred' towards her client. 

Ms Deuxberry also said the man had previously 'masturbated' himself on Morrison's bed - a claim he denied.

Thursday's hearing later heard from another alleged victim of Morrison's, who told the jury he awoke to find Morrison 'rubbing and touching' him over his underwear while staying at his home in the same bed. 

The man, aged 16 at the time, told the court: "When it happened I was too ashamed to tell my dad, it was something I kept bottled up."

Ms Deuxberry said Morrison 'does not accept' that he 'deliberately touched' the man.

The trial continues.