Dorchester’s local celebrity has been gaining more and more attention in recent weeks, with postcards of people's favourite feline selling out.

Suzy the Cat has been the talk of Dorchester since finding fame at the end of last year by going as she pleases into shops down South Street and Trinity Street.

Her fanatics set up a Facebook group, Susie’s Travels in Dorchester, to document her adventures in the town which has gained over 3,000 followers.

The buzz paved the way for postcards to be made, designed by Catherine Owen, a Weymouth-based artist who exhibits her works under the Raggy Rat. Profits from the sales are going to Feral Cat Care in Weymouth.

Dorset Echo:

It features a digital painting of Suzy with the familiar Cornhill view in the background.

Catherine said that her inspiration came from the ‘lovely true local interest story.’

The postcards feature a QR code for the Discover Dorchester App and the Facebook group.

Shops that Suzy frequents stocked their shelves with postcards only to find that they have sold out in under a week.

Catherine said: “We have raised almost £100 for Feral Cat Care in just a few days. It’s really lovely how positive and supportive people have been, and how much they really like being able to buy the postcards."

Sally Reynolds of Oxfam down South Street said: “We’ve sold out and I believe every shop has.

“It’s lovely to see people’s reactions - she’s such a free spirit. We have had to put up a sign recently to tell people that Suzy is snoozing and does not want to be disturbed."

Her bed in Oxfam, in the shopfront window, has become synonymous with Suzy sightings of late.

Sally said: “It’s actually a dog bed but she’s taken that on herself - it’s definitely a display item only now,” she joked.

She added: “She’s just been brilliant for Dorchester, we’ve seen more footfall because of it and people coming in to the shop that may not have previously.”

Sarah Vincent of Potter’s Café said: “It’s gone crazy- we just sold another six to bring our total up to 24 already in just a few days. It’s the magic of Facebook.”  

There are plans for the postcard to be restocked in all local Dorchester shops within the coming weeks.