A lollipop man working in the heart of a Weymouth community has had a post box topper made in his likeness by an anonymous yarn bomber.

Jason Cottle, 54, started working as a crossing patrol near the junction of Buxton Road and Whitecross Drive in Wyke Regis when his son was attending Holy Trinity School.

When he turned up to a recent shift, he was ‘really surprised’ to find that a post box topper had been created as a tribute to his and the local postman’s work within the community.

Jason said: “About three weeks ago, a lady came up to me and asked if she could take my photo. She wanted to give thanks to me and the local postman."

However, he never expected that she would be creating a post box topper in his likeness.

He said: “I think it’s fantastic and it has definitely been a real hit with the kids and the local community. I was really surprised to see it, the detail is quite incredible, they are built to last in all the elements.

The topper itself depicts the likeness of Jason in his full uniform, and the talented creator has even included his stop sign.

Dorset Echo: The Post box topper on Whitecross DriveThe Post box topper on Whitecross Drive (Image: Tom Lawrence)

Alongside the knitted lollipop man is a depiction of the local Royal Mail postman, sporting a pair of shorts and his satchel full of post.

The topper which has been shared on social media has received plenty of positive feedback and brought joy to the community and beyond.

Jason even took the opportunity to pose alongside the post box.

He added: “I have a wonderful job which gives me a really good sense of community. I took the job, and it was nothing like I expected. I got to know so many people, it has been really amazing and it’s a big responsibility.”

A number of creative post box toppers have been popping up around Wyke recently including one on Rylands Lane celebrating the RNLI’s 200-year anniversary.

Another anonymous group targeted a Portland Road post box near to Broadmeadow with a spring creation with a variety creatures sat on top, including a turtle, dinosaur, crocodile, snake and penguin.