A HUGE number of football fans were seen creating a stir around Weymouth town centre ahead of a derby day match.

Yeovil Town fans made their presence known ahead of a match against their fierce local rivals, Weymouth FC, in the town centre on Easter Monday.

Police officers monitored the fans and despite the large groups, Dorset Police said they were ‘not aware’ of any arrests directly linked to the football that occurred in the town centre.

One onlooker said it was a good atmosphere but 'very hectic'.

Incidents were reported in the early part of the morning when fans getting off the train were reportedly seen letting off green flares and heard chanting in the streets.

It's understood a group of Yeovil fans had tried to gain access to The Swan on St Thomas Street, which was booked out by Weymouth fans.  The away fans had themselves booked out seats in the William Henry pub on Westham Road, the Echo understands.

A Weymouth fan who was in The Swan said: “A group of Yeovil fans tried to come in, but the staff were great and immediately sent them on their way.”

The swathe of fans were then seen outside the William Henry chanting.

A video sent to the Echo shows the fans chanting anti-Weymouth songs.

Warning: Strong language can be heard in the video. 

Another video shows the crowd outside the William Henry with a police and police dog handlers present.

One fan can be seen climbing a lamppost whilst the crowd of fans chant louder.

A passer-by said: “The atmosphere seems happy but there are scores of police and a couple of cars with dogs just in case. It was just very, very, hectic.”

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “We can confirm that officers did attend the [William Henry] pub as part of pre-planned routine of pre-match patrols and there were no reported incident and no arrests made.”

Motorists in Weymouth also reported heavy traffic in the area in the run up to the game, which came as no surprise considering the official attendance for the game was a mammoth 4,712.

According to reports, cars were seen parked on both sides of the road at Radipole Lane from Field Barn Drive down to the football stadium at Wessex Roundabout meaning traffic was at a standstill as cars were struggling to manoeuvre past.

One motorist said: “A lot of people were walking into the roads and cars were parked absolutely everywhere. One fan with a pint in hand was going into the road intentionally stopping traffic - it was chaotic.”

Stills from dash cam footage sent into the Echo shows cars parked with a fan stepping out into the road. 

Dorset Echo: The game was abandoned after 77 minutes due to a medical incident which required a woman to be rushed to Dorset County Hospital for treatment.

While there was no arrests linked to trouble in town, police confirmed that they had arrested two people at the stadium.