A study to see if a once-popular coastal path in Weymouth can be re-opened is underway - with concern growing about its safety after recent landslips.

Underbarn Walk, a picturesque path from Bincleaves Green to Castle Cove Beach, was closed by the local authority in 2001 due to safety concerns following landslips and fell into a state of disrepair.

However, following a campaign by locals, Dorset Council has been looking to potentially re-open the path.

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Solid wooden barriers were recently placed at either end of the walk by Dorset Council following a landslip to prevent an 'influx of walkers' traversing the path until it can be assessed.

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A spokesperson for Dorset Council said: "We are carrying out a feasibility study to establish whether the Underbarn footpath in Weymouth can be reopened. While this work is being done, the footpath remains closed. Please respect the closure notices and barriers and do not attempt to use this path."

Steve Elsworth, chairman of the Friends of Castle Cove Beach, is keen to see the path re-opened but understands the need to make sure it is safe first.

He said: "It's a democratic process. The community asked for the footpath to be reopened: Dorset Council responded by reopening it. Now they are concerned about safety so they are re-examining the footpath to see if it is safe.

"There have been cliff-falls and erosion reported all along the Jurassic coast after the months of rain we've had. It's a logical thing to do.

"The general impression I get is that people who know the path would like it to be reopened. But safety is important."

Not everyone believes the path should be re-opened.

Dave Askew, a resident of Old Castle Road, thinks that the risk of landslips is too high, and the recent landslips have made the path nearly inaccessible. He said: "There have been quite a few landslips there. I can't honestly see how they can open it up because it has been blocked.

"From a landowner point of view, we want to see a decision made sooner rather than later."

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