Residents in the Rodwell area of Weymouth are stepping up their efforts in a campaign to move a shuttle bus drop-off point for cruise ship passengers travelling from Portland.

Anger is mounting over the traffic chaos caused by the shuttle buses using narrow roads to drop off and pick up passengers - and now a protest is planned for locals to demonstrate their concern. 

Residents of Spring Road and surrounding roads don't feel their area can cope with the increased traffic and feel the North Quay car park - or someone else in the town centre - would be more suitable.   

Over the past week, three cruise ships have called into Portland Port with thousands of passengers - many making the journey into Weymouth.

The Norwegian Pearl arrived on Monday, May 7 before the MS Renaissance docked on Friday, May 10. The Celebrity Apex arrived on Monday, May 13 bringing around 2,918 passengers to port. Some tourists stay onboard, some choose to go on regional excursions such as Stonehenge, whilst others get dropped off in Weymouth. 

Dorset Echo: As previously reported, resident Jenny Rains, along with other locals, started campaigning against the position of the shuttle bus drop-off points for cruise ship passengers on Spring Road.

After writing a letter to the council and Portland Port, as well as asking for a Freedom of Information request and receiving more than 100 signatures in a petition from locals,  Mrs Rains said the group are feeling ‘ignored’ as buses continue to drop off in Spring Road.

She said: “The port are not thinking about us. They are ignoring us. For instance, they said they would not be parking and are just dropping people off but on one day, I counted 20 buses within an hour, who, on average, were sat there for six minutes.”

Mrs Rains said the situation 'has not improved' over the past week. 

She said that the residents ‘told the authorities’ that the use of this location would cause an accident. An accident between a delivery vehicle and a motorbike was reported on Monday this week during the drop off, which Mrs Rains claimed was ‘due to the congestion on the road.’ This has not been confirmed.

Dorset Echo:

She added: “They are basically being dropped off at a building site (back of Brewers Quay). Tourists should get dropped off at the shops and harbour- we live here.

Dorset Echo:

“The number of buses, the noise they make, and the fumes are unacceptable in this area. The residents intend to step up action on this issue.”

Ahead of another cruise ship set to dock at the port on Friday, Mrs Rains intends to organise residents to protest the use of the area by getting as many people as possible to stand near the roundabout.

This year, Portland Port is set to welcome 110,000 passengers on cruise ships after its ‘record breaking’ season in 2023.

The port previously said it has ‘considered multiple options for the transfer location and continues to keep these under review.’

The port has offered a ‘financial contribution’ to Dorset Council in a bid to make ‘highways improvements’ at the Spring Road drop-off point, including to the mini roundabout.

The port was approached for comment about the latest concerns.