Local community groups have been visited by Dorset Council's recycling team. 

Dorset Council's waste services have visited groups such as The Cerne Valley Sustainability Group and NHS Retirement Fellowship and given presentations on waste management and are encouraging others to take up the talks.

A spokesperson for the waste services team said: "Our Recycling Team recently enjoyed liaising with local community groups such as The Cerne Valley Sustainability Group and NHS Retirement Fellowship, arranging site visits and presentations. If your group is interested in a talk or a site visit, please visit our website."

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The presentations and talks are available to organisations such as schools, community organisations, workplaces, communal residences, youth clubs and volunteering groups.

The talks cover a variety of topics on how to deal with waste including how to correctly use the 'Recycle for Dorset' service, how to reduce the amount of waste you or your organisation creates, ideas for reusing waste items, litter prevention, dealing with food waste, where waste goes after collection and composting.

Content and running times can be tailored accordingly and if there is any particular topic that organisations want covered this can be accommodated.

For school visits the recycling team is able to provide assemblies suitable for age ranges from four up to 13 years.

A range of different workshops for Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2 pupils is also available. 

To find out more visit www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/w/recycling-talks