I read your letter from Mr Hill in Thursday’s Echo and felt the need to comment on it.

First, the term “remoaner”. The use of this term can only be intended to be a slight on the (significant) minority of people in the country who voted remain in the 2016 referendum.

I admit I was one such voter. I have heard a similarly disparaging rework of the term “Brexiteer” but will not use it to score a cheap point.

I do not recall much about the use of “sovereignty” and “democracy” during the run up to the referendum.

I do recall vague talk of “taking back control” (without any detail of what that meant) and exact statements of large sums of cash intended for the NHS on the side of buses, which, it was admitted after the event were lies.

Mr Hill states that we are “A nation that has and does show the way to much of the rest of the world”, does that include having a Parliament and Prime Minister that, having negotiated a treaty with another state, then decide that they can unilaterally renege on that agreement?

A very good way to show the world how to become international pariahs. I accept the outcome of the 2016 referendum but was and still am a Remainer.

John Thorne

Chalky Road, Broadmayne