WEYMOUTH rider Warren Mayes has been recruited into the official Crisp Scooters team and become a professional after being rewarded for his hard work and dedication.

It means that Mayes, as far as the Front Skate Park in Weymouth, his local park, is aware he is the only professional scooter rider in Dorset.

Mayes said: “It was a pretty big achievement to me because I had been working towards it for the whole year. I just put a lot of time and effort into everything that I was doing to try and get noticed so it was quite a big achievement.”

Mayes had been a flow rider with the team but he has earned his place in the official team after first starting riding three years ago.

Mayes had not been expecting the call up as he explained: “It was pretty much all out of the blue.

“It was just after the whole year they saw that I was putting in a lot of work to my social media and promoting their company and stuff like that and decided to move me up because of that.”

The step up to being a professional rider means that the competitions he enters will now get a lot harder as he competes against a higher standard.

Mayes added: “To me it is just something that I have always dreamed of getting to and I have been working towards it ever since I first started so it is a massive achievement to me to become professional.”

Mayes was initially sponsored by the Front Skate Park before the manager of the park, Lisa Kille, helped him become a flow rider for Crisp.

On Facebook, the Front Skate Park said: “We could not be more proud of Warren and how far he has progressed in a year. He represents us and Crisp with a professional attitude and this has not gone unnoticed.

“Good luck Warren as we hand you over to the amazing people at Crisp, we know you will continue to do them proud.”

Mayes is 15 and has lived in Weymouth since he was one and he explained his motivation to first get out and ride.

Mayes said: “Basically I saw it on YouTube, I was watching Ryan Williams and people like that and then it just made me want to try it.

“So one day I got my little scooter out and gave it a go and then just sort of fell in love with it.”

To keep up to date with Mayes’ progress you can follow him on Instagram: Warren_Mayes


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