WEYMOUTH Wildcats are facing the prospect of losing three riders ahead of their new season due to changes with how the leagues are structured.

The changes could result in Jacob and Bailey Fellows alongside Luke Barnes potentially riding elsewhere for the 2019 season.

It was agreed at the league’s AGM that the Midland and Southern Development Leagues are to be merged into one, thus riders who were once able to ride for a team in both leagues at the same time, cannot do so any more.

The Wildcats have yet to announce where they will be racing for the upcoming season, but their rivals will be: Birmingham, Carmarthen, Isle of Wight, Milton Keynes, Plymouth, Reading.

Barnes has had an offer to ride for Carmarthen Dragons, which he accepted on Friday thus leaving the Wildcats, while the Fellows duo could ride for Birmingham.

Wildcats’ co-promoter James Tresadern said: “It is not a problem, because it is going to be better for them if we haven’t got a track because they are going to get a ride, but it is something we don’t want to see. But at the end of the day we cannot stop it, they have got very hard choices to make.”

It is understood that the Wildcats have a back up plan should the trio decide to ride elsewhere, while the Wildcats made their first signing back in November, with Francesca Kirtley-Paine agreeing to ride.