SO WEYMOUTH are not the champions yet but it also is not that bad, as they lost 1-0 to Beaconsfield Town.

It was an odd match, but Aidan Williams is on hand to take you through five talking points as Weymouth lost to Beaconsfield Town.


LOOKING back on it, how will winning a title at Beaconsfield seem?

Winning a title is never not brilliant for a club, but given the situation is more or less the same for this coming Saturday when Weymouth host Chesham (Taunton and Met Police do not win, Weymouth do means Terras win the title) it may make for a better memory on reflection if it happens a bit closer to home.

If the Terras do not seal it against Chesham on Saturday, then it leaves it open to be won at Poole on the following Monday, vastly closer than the two-and-a-half hour drive to Holloways Park.

If that does not happen then I am afraid it is a nail-biter, but either way surely more fan friendly than winning it 129 miles away.


TOM McHale has been brilliant for Weymouth and he understandably looked dejected after the match after Charlie Losasso's free-kick bounced off his palms and into the net.

It was the decisive goal, but McHale has been a decisive presence between the sticks for Weymouth.

Weymouth clean sheets have been a pretty familiar sight in recent weeks, and McHale is a big reason for that.

His performances have more than acquitted him for the mistake.


I USUALLY hate discussing penalty claims but alas, this is one such time I must.

Weymouth were given one, which Brandon Goodship put wide, but should have had one earlier when a cross from the Terras' frontman hit an outstretched arm.

It was not in a natural position and clearly struck the arm inside the penalty area and in my press booth there was a very clear view of it.

It was from relatively close range, so maybe there was a ball-to-hand argument on offer there.

Still, consider me confused as to why it was not given.


WEYMOUTH do not often fail to score, yet against the Rams it was almost beyond parody.

Late on chance after chance went either wide, or brought a good save out of Ravan Constable in the Beaconsfield goal.

It made for some intense late drama, with the Met Police going behind at Swindon, while Kings Langley were narrowing the score at Taunton.

For the first time in a while what was happening on the pitch seemed very much stifled by the drama off it – that is a team involved in the title race and the performance screamed it quite loudly.

The lack of goals was bizarre more than anything.


BARELY anything has changed, in fact despite defeat it has actually got better for Weymouth.

If the Terras beat Chesham United at the Bob Lucas Stadium then they have to hope Taunton avoid winning away Hendon.

A win for the Terras makes the Met Police irrelevant, unlike against Beaconsfield.

It is actually an easier scenario than against Beaconsfield, so there should be no worries for the Terras.

Well, actually, it is a title race. Saying 'no worries' to fans is naive in the extreme, but it is not that bad, panic station is still a few stops away.