ROBBIE Herrera will exercise caution before tying players to contracts at Dorchester Town for the 2021/22 campaign.

The Magpies’ manager has already agreed five deals in principle, with another three to come.

Last season, previous boss Leigh Robinson wanted the majority of players bolted down on contracts.

However, Herrera admits that approach may not be possible amid the coronavirus landscape.

He told Echosport: “That’s something I’ll discuss with the chairman Scott (Symes).

“We’re not sure what will happen in terms of Covid. If we have another outbreak and we’ve got lads under contract I’m not sure if the furlough scheme will be applied again.

“That would put us under pressure financially.

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“There’s one or two that I think can go and play at a higher level and those ones I’ll be speaking to Scott about to get them on a contract.

“You don’t want to lose them for nothing if they can do a job in a league or two above.

“The majority will just be normal Southern League (deals).”

Elsewhere, Jordi Foot and Joel Hewitt were named joint winners of the Dorchester Town U23s Players' Player of the Season award.

Midfielder Ben Fowles claimed the Coaches' Player of the Season accolade.