EVERGREEN Dot Fraser delivered a record-breaking performance at the British Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships at Derby.

Fraser, 85, broke the women’s 80+ class record for the 100m by more than one second, setting a new sub-24-second milestone of 23.99 seconds.

And the octogenarian followed that success up with an unprecedented effort in the 200m, setting a time of 56.16 seconds to achieve a distance never run before in that age group.

Speaking to Echosport after her record-breaking feats, Fraser said: “I don’t suppose many people are running at 85!

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“The only trouble is I’ve got no one to race against, it’s hard running on your own.

“I had other people in the race but they’ve all gone, I was going up against 60-year-olds and the next one to me in the 100m was just 80.

“Obviously, she was in front of me and the 200m, the nearest one was 75. I had no-one to chase.

“If I had somebody next to me I could chase them more – at least I think I could.”

She added: “I train completely by myself down at the Marsh, I mark it out and I can only do 300 metres on it now because they’ve put the skate park on.

“Otherwise, I could run all the way round.

“Where it was the best part to run, they’ve put the skate park so I’ve had to move on the opposite side where it’s a bit bumpy, but at least I can train and I’ve got somewhere to go.

“When the sun’s out or it rains, I just get the spray paint out so I know exactly what I’m doing. I do 80 metres, 150, I put my bottle down and I know where to run to.

“I enjoy it and it gets me out, gives me an incentive to go out.”

While the pandemic has put paid to recent events in Portugal and Toronto, Fraser admitted she would now stop for the season to preserve her health for the indoor campaign next winter.

And Fraser revealed her success on the outdoor circuit is down to a new personal trainer.

She said: “I train every Monday and I’ve got a lovely lass as a personal trainer, she really helps me.

“I think that’s why I’ve done as well as I have. I’m going to keep with her as long as I can and hopefully, come January, I hope to go a bit faster than I am now.”

Explaining her decision to end the season early, she added: “I want to keep fit and healthy, and you can still catch Covid.

“I’ve got to make sure that I don’t get anything so I can visit my uncle in a home, he’s 97, so that’s what I’m doing.”