WELL another year has come to an end and I managed to do four Qualifiers: Pwllheli and Weymouth in the spring and Lowesoft and Torbay in the Autumn.

The National rankings or Radial ladder is made up of your top four events, so counting 2,1,1,1 leaves me still ranked number one in the country which is a tremendous relief after having been so long out of sailing due to injury.

I have now been in the gym for a month and I can feel the difference it is making. However it is putting increased stress on my body with the muscles down my left side (back, shoulder, tricep and forearm) tending to spasm (tighten up and not “let go”). I am now doing the majority of my training at Weymouth in Future Physiques gym who sponsor me.

Whilst in Weymouth I am having physiotherapy treatment at the Nielson clinic, where my physio Tina has been fantastic, working to get my muscles to relax!

It has been a far from pleasant experience with the pain levels increasing in waves, and in my last treatment I actually went through agony into total numbness. However my focus is totally on 2012, and if that means I have a hard winter ahead of me getting my body in order then so be it!