Megan Pascoe

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Getting ready to take on the World after summer fun
I am up in Ardingly at the moment finishing my packing for the world Championships in Norway. I’m really looking forward to a good end of the season. I had a frustrating time in Weymouth earlier in the summer but am confident I can put a good event together in a very hot competition. I’ve had a great two weeks in Weymouth enjoying the summer. I’ve done some 2.4 training in the bay which was awesome. It is so much better than the harbour. I’ve also had some great evening Sailing. Thanks to everyone who let me sail. So thanks to the guys on Rumrunner, Scoline, Draig O’r Mor, Mayfly, Aldebaran and Joe, James and my Dad who helmed for me in the Merlin. It was rather frustrating losing to Draig in the ladies race last night by 5 seconds but it was a great laugh on Scoline and it was a pleasure to sail with such a great crew. But good luck to Kay and the guys for the Fastnet.