I’m writing this at eight in the morning in my apartment for the stay.

I got into Miami last night, and met up with Brenda my Canadian friend who I’m living with. Brenda is a World medallist in the Skud class. We went out to dinner which is a bit strange considering with the time difference it was actually two in the morning.

It is nice being back in Miami, it is a very familiar place now as it’s my fourth visit. The view from our apartment is pretty cool. You can see to the right of Holland my chimp the high rises of Coconut Grove and in the distance the buildings of the business district of Miami which will be familiar if like me you have watched the eighties American TV show “The Golden Girls”.

My plan for the day is to find some breakfast and then go down to Shake-a-leg marina to find my boat. I will then rig my boat and check it is all ok. Then I have the mundane excitement of going to the gym and going food shopping.

It looks like a sunny day in Miami so I’m off to enjoy the sunshine.