Last day of training before Palma starts on Sunday saw 20 - 27 knots offshore meaning that the day was very wet in 2.4 land.

We spent the morning in the gym getting tired and then spent some time with John from Musto who is the team official clothing supplier and silver sponsor.

We were learning about what to wear and when which was very useful as some ideas that we have grown up with are outdated.

One of the most interesting was that rash vests are not meant to be worn against the skin as they do not take sweat and water away from the skin. The other interesting point was that if you are wearing a breathable spray top or dry suit then you must make sure that what you are wearing underneath should also be breathable.

Once we got sailing it was a bit of a wild ride downwind and you seemed to stay on the waves for so long. It was amazing and I actually seemed to be in control upwind.

It was a definite improvement from before so I'm looking forward to the future, and I seem to have sorted my sail conundrum.