I had a quiet start to the week but on Friday I went sailing in my 2.4mR. I was training with two-times Paralympian John Robertson.

John usually sails a Sonar boat which is the three person Paralympic Keelboat discipline. He is training in the 2.4mR to get some extra sailing over the winter. We went out in Portland harbour doing some speed testing.

It was quite light wind so it wasn’t too wet which was a bonus because the water is freezing at this time of year. I was sailing my boat Min which was built in June 2008 by Charger Composites in Finland.

I named her Min after Minnie Bannister from the Goon Show. I chose to name my boat after the Goon character because although she is a very old lady there is mystery and cunningness about her.

On Saturday I went up to Frensham Pond near Farnham in Surrey to compete in their afternoon race. There were 12 boats out and I came fourth. Although it may seem a long way to travel I do it to keep thinking about racing and keeping my mind sharp.

On Saturday evening I went home to go to the Weir Wood Sailing Club Christmas party. I went with my parents and twin brother and it was nice to see old friends that I had not seen for a long time.

Next week I’m hoping to do some more sailing with John, look for a new car and repair my Taser dinghy which I share with my older brother.

We will take it home to sail at Christmas so that we don’t get bored.