Hard day 4 and 5. Day 4 for me was a bit disappointing as I did not perform to my best and let a medal slip from my grasp.

But I’m still learning and day 5 treated me better as I managed to consolidate my 6th place to stay there at the end of the regatta. Helena finished in 13th place.

The Sonar team had a solid day 4 to put them fighting for the lead but they were just beaten into second on the last day. But the guys were very happy with the silver.

The Skud team’s day 4 was good but sadly lost the bronze to the Canadians on the last day leaving them without a medal in 4th.

Today I am just finishing packing our shipping container which thankfully we packed most of last night and then we are flying home late Sunday night.

My next big event is in Palma, Spain at the end of March so hopefully I can work on what I learnt here and win in Spain.