I thought I would start by showing a picture of my boat Min. The picture shows me naming the boat when I went to collect it from Finland.

In the picture are some of my Finish friends and although it was not as posh as when the Queen launches the big ships it was still good fun.

This week has been quite quiet. I went Sailing on Tuesday with John Robertson.

I have included a picture of John sailing with his team mates in the Sonar. John steers at the back of the boat with Steve Thomas in the middle of the boat and Hannah Stodel in the front. The picture is from 2006 when they won the World Championships in Australia.

I have spent quite a lot of time in the gym this week. I try and do two aerobic sessions a week which last about an hour each and three weight sessions which can last up to one and half hours.

We have our own private team gym and it can generate a really fun atmosphere when lots of the sailors are training. This week as it is getting close to Christmas I also ended up going to a few parties It is nice after working hard over the summer season to have time to spend with friends and family. On Wednesday night I went down to the Old Rooms on the quay to celebrate the end of the J24 class season.

The J24 is a twenty four foot keelboat which is very popular at Castle Cove Sailing Club. I sail a J24 when Captain Bob Turner needs extra crew for Wednesday night racing.

It is really good for any sailor to try different boats and especially for me as I spend lots of time alone in a boat it is useful to see how others sail. Congratulations to big Kev for winning the best Joskin crew of the year and to Nathan Bachelor from Easton for arranging the event.

On Saturday night I went to the launch party of Rolly’s Cake Company which is an exciting new cake making business in Weymouth.

I have to say Helen who runs the company makes the best brownies ever! Next week I am doing some boat repairs and am looking forward to going home to see my friends and family in Sussex for Christmas.

I must end by congratulating my brother Sam Pascoe for getting a Flopper at skittles on Thursday night.