Blog update 22/01/2010.

Today was the first of two days of the 2.4mR US Midwinters regatta. After three frustrating days of training with little to no wind today brought 20 knots of wind.

There were more boats at this regatta than the last which is nice because the Miami OCR which starts on Monday will have even more.

Having more boats changes the way you sail and how you start mainly because there is a lot less space. I’m not sure if it is harder than a small fleet but with it being different it is nice to practice.

Today we had 5 races which meant we were on the water for six hours which is tough. What is harder still is that the 2.4 is a very wet boat so you are getting thrown round by the waves and having buckets of water chucked over your head continuously.

I had some good racing with all my results in the top 6 which was good and I adapted to the larger fleet size well.

Helena didn’t quite do as well today but hopefully she has got all her bad things out the way and will do better tomorrow.

I thought I would attach a picture of Miami in the sunny times when we were training this week. There is no better place to be sailing in January!