On Monday myself and Helena Lucas left for the Open 2.4 World Championships in Hoorn which is about ½ an hour east of Amsterdam.

Monday we spent driving and arrived at our accommodation in the evening. We are staying 20 minutes north of Hoorn in a village just outside Medemblik.

This is quite nice as we seemed to have spent most of our year in Medemblik so we know our way around. It saves the hassle of finding a good supermarket etc.

To say that Tuesday was raining was an understatement but we persevered on as we rigged up the boats. Sailing sometimes is not that glamorous!

What did make it better was a supply of sherbet lollies and some very good wet weather gear supplied by our sponsors Musto. It meant we could do a full day’s work and actually be productive.

It is now Wednesday morning and I am now sitting in a very sunny Holland although it is a bit windy so we will see if we get sailing or not.