I returned from Holland on Sunday with three boats when I only took one.

One was a Canadian boat that we need to put in a container to the states next month and the other was my new boat.

The boats are built in a small town called Kokkola in Western Finland.

The one random fact about this town is that in the Crimean War Britain tried to raid the town for supplies but the Finnish fought back and stole a British boat.

The British have been trying to get the boat back ever since even as recently as five years ago.

With Finnish boats coming to the worlds it was the ideal way of getting my boat to the UK.

My new boat called Gummi Anka which means Rubber Duck in Swedish caused quite a stir among the international fleet because parts of the boat are bright pink.

I wanted this one to be special and colour is the best way of doing this.

A white boat is best as you don’t want to stand out from the crowd so I had to choose carefully where I added my special touches.

Over the next two weeks I will change the boat to make it how I want it as everyone has controls in different places.

I’m really looking forward to cracking open the bottle of champagne next week and officially name her.