I’m writing this on the first day of 2010. The last two weeks have been quiet for me on the sailing front.

I’ve been looking for a new car. At the moment I drive a 1999 Peugeot 306 estate which is a bit battered so before I do another drive into Europe I’m looking to update.

Cars among sailors vary depending on the type of boat, as those sailing heavier boats tend to need larger cars for towing.

My boat weighs 254 kilos so along with a trailer my 1.6 litre Peugeot struggles with the weight. I would also like to be able to tow two boats so up to about a ton in weight.

I’m looking for a 1.9 to 2 litre engine, probably an estate for the boot space. Reliability for me is a big issue as you pay a good deal of money to get to the event it is not worth scrimping on the car that is going to get you there.

Although there is a limit on the budget as I pay 3 to 4 times more on as boat than on a car. My other problem is that I can legally only drive an automatic which makes for quite a specialised shopping list. Given that I will probably end up with a Passat or Mondeo.

I thought I would leave you with an interesting fact about Paralympic sailing. Only three gold medals will be present in Weymouth and Portland in 2010.

All disabilities compete together which is very different to athletics or swimming. The 2.4mR boat which is the single handed discipline is unique that whether able bodied, disabled, male, female, young, old can all sail equally.

I’ve attached a picture of the Finish National Championship 2009 prize giving which demonstrates this perfectly.

From left to right first is the silver medallist Marko Dahlberg from Finland, two times world champion in the 2.4, around 40 years old and able bodied. Next is myself, the gold medallist, 23 years old, disabled, female. Bobi Casen the bronze medallist is next, from Finland, over 55 years old, able bodied.

Next in fourth place is the two time Paralympian from Norway Bjorner Erikstad, he is around 30 years old, and disabled. On the furthest right in fifth place is Rikard Bjurstrom from Finland, over 55 years old and able bodied.

It is interesting to see a boat where so many different people can compete equally on the water. Food for thought?