Blog update 18/01/2010

Yesterday was one of the more frustrating days in sailing. We were meant to start day 2 of the regatta at 11.30 but did not actually start a race until 3 O’clock.

This was due to storm clouds coming through the bay all day and with the risk of lightning it was not safe to go sailing.

Because you don’t always know when they are going to send you racing all you can do is sit around. Some people read a book, some listen to music but most people yesterday were just talking about random things.

The topics of conversation ranged from bad chicken related jokes to why one of the Canadian’s T-shirts which has green tractors and pink Martini glasses on is called the moods of Norway.

We asked the Norwegian sailors but they couldn’t come up with an answer. The other strange conversation was understanding how different American is to English.

We were talking about a time sailing last year where we were all going to a Halloween party and asked one of the Canadians if she had her fancy dress. She thought that meant that we were going black tie and not going dressed like a pumpkin.

Once we finally got racing the Brits were on top again with 1st in the Sonar and Skud class and 3rd and 4th for myself and Helena respectively in the 2.4 class.

We only managed one race because the wind disappeared. Today is meant to be lighter with more sunshine so we will see if we can bring home medals in all three classes.