February is drawing on with Northerly winds that do not seem to stop.

Since coming back from Miami at the end of January I have put some technical projects on the go which I’m quite excited about.

Although I have not been able to go sailing with them as the weather has been so bad. Last week I went on holiday with my twin brother to Finland just to relax for a week.

We spent four days up in Lapland skiing and visiting Santa, which I have to say was amazing. I’ve attached a picture of my snow angel which I made.

We then travelled down to a town on the west coast called Kokkola to see my friends that build the boats. Next was travelling to Helsinki for the boat show, I don’t actually enjoy boat shows but I went to see more of my friends.

Last we went up to Tampere to see more friends and tried to go sledging but struggled because there was too much snow.

It was really cool to see all my friends and to spend time away from Weymouth and my boat. I’m now really excited to finish modifying my boat this week and then get sailing again.