This week I was planning on sailing but the temperature stopped that. Instead I went and worked with my brother repairing two old 2.4’s.

Many of the ropes and blocks needed to be replaced and the hull needed repairing. I find this type of work relaxing as I enjoy solving problems.

Next Wednesday I am off for the first event of the year in Miami, USA. Unlike many sports there is not a sailing season. Last year I finished the season in mid November and am now starting again. Instead we have quiet months of the winter which are usually December and February.

I’m hoping that with all the snow in the South East that Heathrow will be open. I will go back to my parents in West Sussex on Tuesday and then go up to Heathrow early Wednesday morning. From there it is an eight hour flight into Miami.

I fly a lot and luckily have a habit of sleeping for the whole flight. I have three events in Miami with the first being a three day event starting next Saturday. Then I have three days of training where I’m looking at sail set up.

After that is the next event which is two-days long. Finally I have one day off before the big World Cup event which lasts five days.

The World Cup series consists of seven events all over the world.

The Miami Olympic Classes Regatta is the second in the series. The first was in Melbourne in late December. The third will be in Palma, Spain in early April with the fourth in late April in Hyeres, Southern France. The fifth is in May in Medemblik, Holland and the sixth in Kiel, Germany. The final event of the series is on home soil in August at the Sail for Gold Regatta in Weymouth and Portland.

I’m really looking forward to Miami and am expecting big things out of the events, the first one of the year is always slightly strange. The winter has been quiet and I haven’t had much sailing but I know I’m up for the challenge.