YESTERDAY I started my journey to Miami by travelling to my parents’ house in West Sussex. Today I will get a lift with my twin brother to Gatwick and then get the bus from Gatwick to Heathrow.

It was quite strange coming back to this part of the country and seeing all the snow. It is amazing how only 100 miles can make such a difference in the weather.

I have attached a picture of my chimp Holland to show how much snow has fallen. I will try and take pictures of myself in various places over the coming weeks but if not you will see more of Holland.

The reason he is called Holland is actually down to some psychological training I’ve been taking part in. I have four Chimps (I can only bring one to events due to space) that represent four different moods that I can be in.

The names represent places that best remind me of that feeling. The others are called Hyeres, Kiel and Yesterday.

The idea behind it all is that you have a chimp inside you which isn’t logical and reacts under stress. The reason of having the cuddly chimps is they remind me of these feelings so I can react better when the feelings appear.

Each chimp has a way of dealing with that feeling embroidered onto their jumper. Tonight I’m meeting up with some old friends which is one of the benefits of coming home and my mum is much better at packing my bag than I am!