Well I now feel I am making excellent progress. I am now 300% stronger than I was after my injury and up to 70% of the strength before my injury.

However I still have very painful physio at the Neilson clinic twice a week (to stop the muscle spasm in my left arm which still seems to be causing "electric shocks" in the hand during treatment)

I am now training regularly. I do up to five hours pilates a week which has seen large improvements in my core strength and a huge reduction in lower back pain. I am also weight lifting (just avoiding over head movements). My next step is to look into low impact aerobic training, but at the moment I am still very definitely in my strength and condition phase over the winter.

Although my symptoms are now worse than before the surgery I am absolutely sure I made the right decision as I had without a doubt a potentially career ending injury whereas now I am good to campaign for 2012 if not beyond. It is just a question of time for my recovery.

In order to keep as symptom free as possible the mobiliser has been fantastic at improving my spine mobility and although it feels like torture twice a day lying on rowers which go up and down your back, it is definitely gradually becoming less unbearable as my mobility increases to normal ranges and my muscles soften and lengthen. I have also been using Jin Si Gao Hydrogel Herval Plasters which I get from my acupuncturist and these have proved very quick and effective in reducing pain and inflammation.

I am now starting an eight week training cycle which will finish at the end of January when I shall have another (active) break. I am sure I shall have more positive improvements to report by then.