The Olympic test event was certainly that, a testing event for Sailors and Coaches alike.

The conditions ranged from terrible Tuesday (a very light and shifty Northerly) to big Wednesday (when the waves meant even going upwind in a RIB was less than comfortable).

Unusually the courses changed nearly every day. In fact in the initial programme the Radial class was due to race on two different courses on the same day, which has got to be unheard of.

It must have been especially hard for the Women Windsurfers who are used to racing in Portland Harbour and did not have a single race in there. However as always the cream rises to the top and there were few surprises in the top ten of any fleet.

One thing which was strange was how short the courses were, meaning three laps rather than the usual two and may have suggested why the courses were so far from WPNSA. I would hope for the real games we will be back to longer beats (and just two) like at most international regattas.

Overall it was a very positive experience, especially the opportunity to try out the medal race area near the Nothe fort. Being close to the entrance to both Portland and Weymouth Harbour, not to mention the high land by the fort itself, this is going to be a tricky place to race and may well decide many medals in a year’s time. Any one who won a race here should be very proud indeed as this certainly bodes well for 2012.

Now more than ever it is clear how important training at the Olympic venue is, as it really could do anything!!!

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