Since my last blog, lots of things have been prepared both on and off the water. All the usual mix of windsurfing, (assistant) instructing, race club and race series have all been going on during the weekday evenings but I have also started to apply and prepare for non-water based activities.

The first was to volunteer to help out at SailLasers Open Day on Sunday 22nd May at the Academy. This day has been set up to showcase, amongst other things, the community side of their business and allow potential sailors and purchasers to try out a boat and get a taste for Sailing.

Next, I downloaded my free ticket for the Sail for Gold Spectator Day on Saturday 11th June at the Academy. This allows entry to medal race day where, not only will you be able to watch the action on the big screen, but also wander around the various stands that will be present. You might even spot an Olympian or two!

For the late May Bank Holiday weekend, I will be volunteering down at the Academy for the J109 Nationals. I thoroughly enjoyed the Sigma 38 event and the J109’s will hopefully prove to be just as exciting.

Another ‘land based’ activity that I need to prepare is an assembly for Southwell Primary School. I have very kindly been invited by the Headmaster to take an assembly about my sailing for the schools some 200 pupils. It was at Southwell that I first undertook Sail for a Fiver which started my love of sailing. It’s a privilege to be invited back and although it will be one of the largest audiences I have had, it is something I am looking forward to very much.

Finally, it is with excitement that I read about the torch relay for the 2012 Olympic Games coming through Weymouth and Portland. There will be 8000 country wide torch bearers visiting approximately 70 locations in the UK and it will be an extreme honour for those that are chosen. The Torch Relay passes through Weymouth and Portland in June 2012 and should be an exciting occasion. I cannot nominate myself but I am really hoping that, after the application has been submitted online, I will be considered for one of the torch ‘legs’ through the borough.

Finally, as the Sailing Academy starts to fill with sailing teams from all over the world, I would like to wish the GBR Team every success during the Skandia Sail For Gold Event.

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