In July we went to the European championships in Helsinki and finished the week with a silver medal. It was very close racing all week, and we lead for some of the regatta, but in the end we got pipped to the line by the Croatian's.

We were happy to come away with a medal, with a bronze last year and a silver this year, there is only one place to come next year.

Recently we have been working hard on getting things ready for the worlds out in Perth in December. With Perth being a potentially windy venue, we have been tailoring and testing out kit to suit strong winds.

We have been based in Weymouth and Portland training hard both on the water and in the gym. We don't know the exact selection process, but I'm sure the people who decide will be looking at results in Perth, so its in our best interest to do the best we can.

The boats have left the UK now, so its time to keep the boat handling and fitness perfect in our second boat.

We fly to Aus to start some more specific venue training mid November.

Both myself and Luke are extremely happy there is a place at the Olympics in the 470 class up for grabs, and believe me when i say we are doing everything we can to perform our best over the next few months.

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