Well! Big waves and moderate winds made for some very difficult sailing.

Just what we like, however today was not our day.

We blew the kite out before the start of the first race and managed to change it over quickly on the water .

The first race we had a good start and had good speed rounding the top mark in 3rd with a good charge on downwind, sadly we were caught out by a big wave and drove hard into it which resulted in a capsize . This ruined our chances of a good result in this race . We caught up to 17th.

The second race we had a good start and finished 5th just getting caught out at the leeward marks with some tight boat on boat handling .

The third race I misjudged the acceleration off the start and we were rolled . This was not ideal as we wanted to get left . Also the wind had increased a bit and our boat speed had not, so it was hard to get back to the front of the fleet so we ended up in 9th.

We are both very disappointed with our performance today,especially as it was conditions we normally dominate in .

Tomorrow we will right the wrongs and start the climb up the leader board.

It seems our day was not the worst when I heard the top French team had a big capsize on the way in and the helmsman has broken his shoulder .

We wish him a fast recovery and remain grateful for our intact bodies.

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