Within The space of just a few days we are going to be experiencing completely different climates this week! This weekend at Queen Mary Reservoir we had a disappointing weekend only getting to race 4 races in the UK Open National Finals due to no wind and thick fog yesterday but tomorrow morning we fly to Perth and will step off the plane in 37 degrees centigrade and 20 knots of wind, sometimes I think we lead a very strange life!

Unfortunately the lack of breeze this weekend meant the first round robin was not completed so results were messed up a little as people had raced a completely different number of races. Pleased to say though that Nick Cherry took the trophy home and although we were on the same number of losses, we ended up 3rd.

I have a feeling our next event in Perth, Australia is going to be a very different experience! 32 teams, country selection and The World Championships....It is going to be great so keep checking back here for details. We head out tomorrow for a week of training then racing starts on the 3rd December.

Lucy x

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