We finished the Caviglia regatta yesterday.

I finished 2nd which I was happy with - I got a win and a third place.

It poured with rain but it was still warm so it was better than home. Today I get a day off so I’m going to spend the morning in front of the telly and then if it has stopped raining I may go on a bike ride.

Both the British Sonar and Skud teams finished 2nd and Helena Lucas in the 2.4 class finished third. In the RSX class Bryony Shaw and Elliot Carney finished first.

The 2nd day of The Caviglia regatta saw a lack of wind in the morning so we waited around until 11:30 and then started a race.

Sunday for powerboats is worse than Saturday with every big boat out playing in the bay. It didn’t help that our race course was right in the channel. So even though there wasn’t much wind there was lots of waves so I got very wet.

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