I’ve just finished doing a week training at Weymouth Sailing club in my 2.4’s. It was a lot of fun in some really nice breeze.

I was training for the world championships which start on the 14th August in Alesund, Norway.

I loved sailing out of Weymouth because I could sail in the bay and I love the Weymouth Sailing Club crane. It has many buttons to play with and it goes in every direction.

Since last Saturday I’ve sailed my Merlin twice with two different helms, two different Squibs, 1 big boat and my 2.4.

I have to say that I am defiantly a Squib convert. They have some great racing and are very fun to sail. Next week I am working on my 2.4’s and then on Saturday I am off to Dover to catch a ferry.

It will be a great drive!

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