A MAN who claims to have been sexually assaulted at a sleepover as a teenager 'imagined' the ordeal, a court has heard. 

John Morrison, 29, is on trial for historic child sex abuse charges dating back to when he was a child.

The trial began on August 9 at Bournemouth Crown Court where Morrison denied seven charges: four counts of engaging in non-penetrative sexual activity with a boy, and three counts of engaging in penetrative sexual activity with a boy.

The offences are alleged to have taken place on Portland between September 4, 2007 and April 2, 2010.

Morrison, now of Kirkintilloch, Scotland, would have been aged 13 at the start and 15 at the end of the alleged offence range.

The jury was brought back in for the resumption of the trial on Monday, August 14. 

The court heard from another of Morrison's alleged victims, now an adult, who was questioned by defence barrister Laura Deuxberry.

Morrison is accused of carrying out sexual acts on the man when the pair were teenagers, including penetrating him while he slept.

The witness claimed that Morrison sexually assaulted him on three seperate occasions during sleepovers. 

One alleged incident happened while someone else was sleeping in the same room, the jury learned.

The witness and Morrison shared a bed on the two other occasions, the court heard.

"I could not believe it had happened, I can't explain how I felt. Upset, I guess. Scared," the alleged victim said.

"I remember that it hurt and I wanted it to stop. I did not want it [and] did not ask for it."

Ms Deuxberry said the man could have left or alerted a responsible adult after the first incident happened.

He replied that he was unable to do so as he felt 'scared, embarassed, disgusted, dirty and shocked'.

The court heard that the man continued to return for further sleepovers after previous alleged incidents.

"You were prepared to share a bed again after two previous assaults?" Ms Deuxberry asked the witness. "I suggest that this simply did not happen at all."

She also accused the man of 'imagining' a third alleged incident which he told the police about some time after his first interview.

The man told the court that he 'didn't think he [Morrison] would do it again' and explained how he was 'a naive, scared boy'.

"I think I tried to pretend it did not happen and forget about it," the witness said.

"I didn't even know what sex was. Maybe things would have been different if I hadn't [gone back], but I did. I was nervous and young."

Ms Deuxberry also quizzed the man on photos taken after the alleged incidents happened - some of which show him and Morrison 'looking happy' together. 

"The reason you have made these allegations is because for whatever reason, you want him punished," Ms Deuxberry said.

The man denied 'spending time' with Morrison afterwards and claimed he was not aware that he would be at certain social events he also attended. 

"Why would I make it up?" he told the jury. 

The trial continues.